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Coastal Dog Training is a professional service providing 35 years of combined police and civilian experience. Our award-winning expertise covers obedience, agility, search work, and working dogs, and we specialize in training both the owner and their canine companion.

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K9 Bronko During Competition


    Training dogs can be easy. Training the owner is the hard part. I specialize in creating a powerful partnership between dog and handler. I will walk you through the basic elements of training. Most behavioral problems can be handled in a 2-hour session using the following training techniques: food, clicker, collar and leash, and relationship-based training. We must remember that every dog has a different personality, so with that in mind, no training concept works for all dogs. Some dogs react to training faster than others.


    The On-Leash Stroll and Placing On Command:


    Enjoy spending time together without pulling, jumping, or interacting with other dogs. We strive to eliminate distractions while they happily walk under your control as your partner. 


    Basic Obedience:


    Using positive reinforcement, I will teach your dog to sit, heel, down, stay, place, and recall by command.

    Basic & Advanced Obedience Training:


    We will combine the basic obedience program with advanced off-leash obedience, distance control, and walking control. I will teach the dog how to respond to verbal and hand commands and to walk around large groups of dogs or people off-leash with numerous distractions. We will introduce the dog to getting in and out of the car politely, and teach sitting or lying down respectfully while you are talking or visiting with friends. We will work on any issue that will make you and your dog's lives easier.


    We will train at your home or a park close to your residence.

    All training will be conducted with the owner(s) present. Why would you send your dog away for weeks and not know what training techniques were used to train your dog? My training concept is straightforward. We teach the dog and the owner. We will determine the best way to train your dog. After every training session, I will give you and your dog training homework. You will decide how much you want to teach your dog.


    Why pick me for your trainer? I have been training dogs since 1989. I have trained a total of 6 police dogs and continue to conduct seminars throughout the United States. I do not take shortcuts, and I take pride in my work. My experience is all hands-on from years of working and training hundreds of dogs. Due to having numerous hours and experience in this field,  I did not get my dog training knowledge from a dog training college or an online dog training school.


    I am passionate about helping dogs and owners build a partnership that will bloom into a lifelong bond by fully understanding each other and reinforcing the relationship between the owner and their K9 companion.

    Coastal Dog Training provides various training services for you and your four-legged friend. We also offer AKC testing and training for S.T.A.R Puppy, Canine Good Citizen, Community Canine, Urban Canine Good Citizen, and Trick Dog.

    Call or text 863-370-8084 if you have any questions.

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